Writing Samples

News Release

As a volunteer for Young-Williams Animal Center, I chose the center’s upcoming Mardi Growl event as my focal point for public relations writing.  Mardi Growl is a pet-friendly event to help fund the animal center for sheltering, adopting and spaying/neutering homeless animals.  The event will feature an inclusive parade and festival in Market Square.  I developed this news release to send information about the event to the local media.  This piece is a strong example of my writing style and ability.


I designed this brochure to provide clear, concise information about adopting pets at Young-Williams Animal Center.  The brochure includes information about the adoption process, reasons to adopt, and information about the organization.

Student Biography

The first assignment in public relations writing was to write a biography of a student in class after a short interview.  Tiffany Perkins is a senior public relations major that is very excited about public relations and has interned with many local organizations.  This piece displays my ability communicate key points while keeping the writing interesting.


The Tennessee Journalist is the university’s online news paper.  I have been a staff writer since 2010 writing for the Arts and Culture section.  My profile shows my published articles as well as photos I have taken to help support my writings.


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